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My Family

Elliot is just now sprouting some teeth.  He's not talking just yet, but still he is quite easily the cutest kid on the planet right now.  Here's a few pictures of the little guys.


Girlfriend & Family

Her name is Melissa and I love her like crazy. Her family is awesome, and her niece Mendeza... is born for the camera.


Back home, there are a few folks I like to remember.

Trip to the Bahamas with Nick

Freeport was incredible. Not even the biggest power outtage in US history could stop us from getting there. And I met my girlfriend there!!

Texas A&M University


Where else can you find tons of great Mexican food, cheap beer, and gorgeous Texas women? What more can you ask for? Well, except for the return of Bonfire...  I love the place with all my heart. 

www.satirewire.com (no longer updated)

Other funny stuff:
        "Pinky the cat" video -- the cat goes ape shit.
          Guys who hate cats will enjoy the hell out of it.

Witness account of hilarious beating after a car accident  -- old ladies beat the hell out of the guy that hit them! (4mb)

The craziest thing that happened to me during college that I can actually prove:

The Hotard Janitor tirade clip
(check it out if you don't mind lots and lots of profanity)

The story behind the clip:
For the few days prior to the incident, some guys from the dorm had being taking toilet paper from the bathrooms and unraveling it all the way up and down the halls.  It was funny as hell, but someone had to clean it up.  Our janitor, who looked like someone straight off the show Cops, finally decided she had had enough and talked to her manager about cutting off our supply of toilet paper.  I don't know what her manager's words were, but somehow she must have misconstrued them to mean "not to give [our] asses jack."  No pun intended I'm sure. 

One of the guys went to her and asked for toilet paper and she bitched him out.  Another student, known then as "Squeak", found out about this and decided to take his microcassette recorder and confront her.  The priceless clip is what got recorded in the process.

The University was not happy at all that this clip got out.  They desperately wanted to destroy the tape, but by the time they found out about it, it had been turned into mp3 format and sent to everyone in Hotard, and subsequently 90% of the University's students.

It truly is a thing of beauty.  I realy hope you enjoy and appreciate it. Hollywood's best couldn't even come close to creating this.  Honestly I was 20 feet down the hall listening to the incident as it unfolded and stood waiting to jump in if necessary, because frankly, I thought Squeak was about to get his ass kicked.

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